WindSolutions CopyTrans Doctor: Fix That Broken iPod, With Software!


We all have iPods and Hickey already told us what to do if it breaks. But, say, you hate Hickey and don’t believe a word he says. Fair enough, but your iPod could still die an untimely death. Sad, yes, but WindSolutions has released CopyTrans Doctor iPod, software that’s still in beta that may, just may fix your hosed iPod. It sounds like DiskWarrior et al. in that it attempts to fix disk errors. It also will attempt to fix holes in your iPod-iTunes library. (Songs listed in the iPod but not actually there, in other words.)

Windows-only, but Macs are perfect so iPod-owning Mac users won’t even have to bother.

CopyTrans Doctor [WindSolutions via iLounge]