The Bad Girls Club 3G Mobile Game Details

badgirls.jpgLast week we reported that Oxygen Media was working on mobile game based on the reality TV series The Bad Girls Club, and this week additional details were announced. The game, which is being developed by Hong Kong-based Artificial Life, Inc., will be able for the 3G platform later this August. In addition to the 3G game, Oxygen and Artificial Life will also launch several other 2G games based on The Bad Girls Club in the coming months.

In the 3G version players will take the role of a new member of the club, and will have the usual agenda: to gain fame and win notoriety in the tabloid world. Players must prove to be a scandalous and notorious bad girl and win a spot on the cover of the Tabloid!

“Gaming is so huge with women, and Oxygen has been looking at how to break into this arena,” said Oxygen senior vice president Cynthia Ashworth. “This game presents the perfect opportunity to take our most popular television series to a new level by creating a mobile game that is on brand with the show and also connects with our young, tech-savvy female audience. This is only the beginning for Oxygen in the gaming arena.”

Bad Girls Club 3G Mobile will be available via download at the end of August for an initial price of $3.99.

Oxygen Media: Bad Girls Club 3G Mobile