Sony VHS-To-DVD Converter: For Those Who Still Use Candles As Their Primary Light Source

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VHS has been dead for, what, 10, nine years now? Whatever it is, I bet you still have a few VHS home movies here and there. If they’re not destroyed by now, you should consider transferring them to DVD; Sony wants your money if you choose to go that route. Its One Touch VHS-to-DVD unit will transfer unprotected VHS tapes to DVD starting in August. (Though, again, it seems expensive: $400). It’ll even upscale video to 720p/1080i. It does no other tricks, we’re sorry to say.

This could also be useful for people who, for whatever reason, still cling to their collection of VHS tapes and have a sizable DVD collection. One small unit > two separate units.

The One-Touch VHS-To-DVD Video Transfer System [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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