MojoPac Goes Enterprise, Puts Your Desktop On A USB Drive


RingCube Technologies has announced the release of the MojoPac Enterprise Edition software that allows telecommuters, contract workers and road warriors the ability to store a virtual desktop onto a USB drive. I’m sure you’re thinking that this isn’t special in anyway and that Citrix does the same thing, but this is where you’re wrong.

MojoPac is distinctly different in that you don’t have to be connected to the network to run your applications. You don’t necessarily even need a USB drive because the software even works on your iPod, so anything that connects via USB is acceptable. It also runs on any Windows XP or Vista machine as a guest, so the host computer is oblivious to anything going on. All your corporate secrets are safe in the event your laptop is stolen, but that only holds true if you keep your USB drive someplace else when not in use.

Desktop on a USB drive ready for enterprises [Yahoo! News]