Dimple: The DAP With A Dimple Instead Of Buttons


Designers are crazy. That’s the only way you could explain the description of Dimple, a DAP that invites us, humans, to touch its dimple. That little, oh-so-tantalizing depression in the center of the player controls volume and fast-forward/rewind. (Well, if it were real; it’s just a concept.) Apparently the designer, one Priscilla Lui, didn’t bother improving the headphones, since they look awfully like the iPod’s.

The description contains all sorts of awkward, action verbs: “challenges,” “grafting,” “titillates,” etc. And here I thought we were talking about a simple DAP. Wait, make that a Dimple DAP.

I wonder, do people have the same interest in touching their music as they do their digital photos on a giant table?

Dimple – Portable Music Player [Yanko Design]