TechCrunch 9 At August Capital: Thank You for Coming

Well, it’s over. TechCrunch 9 At August Capital last night was a blast, with 900 or so people demo’ing products, drinking wine and, if the video above is any indication, looking for the man of their dreams. To be fair, Julia Allison, one of the women above, is a regular correspondent on Fox and her friend Meghan Asha works at a hedge fund. They were just having fun for the camera with interviewer Sarah Meyers, who was legitimately on the guest list after last year’s crashing.

Due to your support for the meet-up, we were able to provide a $10,000 donation to Kipp Bayview Academy toward the purchase of new computer equipment for the school in southeast San Francisco. Ticket proceeds were $5,000 matched $5,000 by TechCrunch in honor of our meetup.

Photos of the event – and there were lots of them – are tagged TechCrunch9 or TechCrunchAugust2007. Mine are here. Photos from official photographer, Zenfolio, are here.

A big thank you to David Hornik and the team at August Capital for hosting our meet-up at their fabulous outdoor roof deck. We hope we can be invited back again next year.

Thank you most especially to our sponsors for making the party possible. Lots of additional coverage (send me your link and we’ll add it):

Jeremiah Owyang
Jessica Mah
Dean Takahashi
Adaptive Blue
Scott Beale
Sarah Meyers
Zoli Erdos
Mario Sundar

Product Launch Sponsors:
DOmedia, Profile Builder and Real Time Matrix

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PeerMe, Droplet Technology, Jumpbox,, coComment, LongJump, Wikiyou, Jaman,, Zenfolio, Dial Directions, Ooma, Adaptive Blue, Wishpot, CollegeWikis, PerkettPR, Mashery, VelvetPuffin, AdBrite, and SideStep.

Event Sponsors:
Kiptronic, Azureus / Vuze, VisiblePath, Phonezoo,, Pandora, Riviera Partners and Yapta.

Thank you also to Stormhoek for their generous supply of wine, Hugh MacLeod and Gaping Void for his special memento lithographs, Wallhogs for signage at the demonstration tables and EventBrite for our ticketing.

In addition to our official media sponsors, and Zenfolio, thank you to,, Podtech and Sara Meyers for all their help.