Profile Builder Launches Tonight At TechCrunch Meetup

nullAt tonight’s ninth TechCrunch meet-up, identity management service Profile Builder is launching and demoing their product on Profile Builder’s solution tackles the fragmentation of our online identity caused by the increasing number of services vying for our attention.

With Profile Builder, you can create one profile to link together all of your bits of online identity onto one customizable profile. Users can control visibility and access, while tracking stats on their profile’s performance and activity. A unique icon can easily be added anywhere you can place HTML code, such as e-mails, blogs, and personal websites.

Our current review is sparse, because we will be seeing the site for the first time when it launches tonight. However, there are several other sites also trying to link together our online identities. ProfileLinker, Profilactic, and Loopster are some of the identity aggregators we’ve seen. Identity search engines like like WikiYou, Spock, and Wink are also helping solve the identity problem.