MediaWhiz Buys Another Ad Startup, AuctionAds

Performance marketing company MediaWhiz has snatched up eBay affiliate marketing service AuctionAds, which launched back in March. The price was not disclosed. AuctionAds is an advertising widget that serves contextually relevant eBay auctions based on tags supplied by the publisher.

MediaWhiz had previously purchased another sensibly named advertising startup, TextLinkAds, last November (TextLinkAds is a long time TechCrunch sponsor). Since the acquisition TextLinkAds expanded into RSS ads on top of direct website linking.

AuctionAds has been paying out 100% of eBay affiliate fees to publishers. Since eBay pays fees based on the total business a partner drives, AuctionAds can generate their own additional revenue from a combined network while still paying out the same rates affiliates would receive on their own. Since launch, they have registered over 20,000 publishers on their network.

Similar services to AuctionAds include BooBox and FavoriteThingz.

AuctionAds was launched as a partnership between Shoemoney Media and MediaWhiz. MediaWhiz has purchased Jeremy Schoemaker’s majority ownership to fully acquire the company.