YouDeparted Lets Users Speak From Beyond The Grave

youdeparted.jpgNevada based YouDeparted provides an encrypted electronic safe deposit box with up to 5GB of space that can be accessed by loved ones in the event of a members death

Members use the service to store important information and last messages. When a member passes away, designated family members and friends may unlock the account. Before an account can be unlocked, a minimum number of Recipients set by the member must independently verify that member’s passing. Once the account is unlocked, Recipients are granted access to information specifically left for each of them, and the emails and letters written earlier by the member are sent out.

Founder Collin Harris got the idea for YouDeparted after his father suddenly fell ill and passed away without specifying his last wishes or requests. Several years later his family members are still struggling to settle matters relating to the death, including where the ashes should be scattered.

In addition to correspondence and email, the service can be used to pass on photo collections, movies, audio clips, copies of documents, and any other files that the member wishes to leave for family members.

YouDeparted are quick to point out that they are not competing with online wills or estate planners; YouDeparted is a service that begins where a typical will or trust ends. No one wants to kick the bucket, but it never hurts to be prepared. YouDeparted is a clever idea that is bound to appeal to the well prepared, or those facing terminal illness. The service costs $9.95 per year.