Fichey – A Pretty Way To Browse Popular Sites

Fichey just launched this afternoon. It is a flash based site that, like StumbleUpon, allows you to browse through popular current websites. But it isn’t a bookmarking service – instead it shows sites from a specified date that were popular on, Digg, Downfly, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

The sites are shown as a jpeg and pulled into Fichey’s flash interface, which consists of nothing more than a box that hovers over the image. The box contains contols letting you move to new sites, back to old ones, or to change the date or source. You can click on any site image and it will pull it up in an iframe to interact with it.

As you are looking at sites Fichey is busy caching additional ones so you can quickly scroll through new ones. Don’t be too hard on it if it’s slow right now, I’m not sure they want a lot of attention on it yet.

It is a fun way to blow some time reading interesting content. And if you’re wondering at the inclusion of the relatively unknown Downfly in the list of popular bookmark services, here’s why: it is a service created by them, as a quick whois lookup on the domain name confirmed.