Justin.TV To Film Itself Filming Itself

If you find yourself bored this morning – incredibly, mind numbingly bored out of your mind – you may want to drop on over to Justin.tv and watch the show’s creator, Justin, hanging out with one of the other stars of the show, the Naked Cowboy in what can only be described as a cry for media attention. Like the Naked Cowboy, Justin will be wearing nothing but briefs, shoes and his hat. And they’ll be hanging out in Times Square, where the Naked Cowboy plays his guitar every day.

The stream will be live on both channels, so you’ll be able to see both men in all their glory if you switch back and forth (Naked Cowboy will be looking at Justin, and vice versa). The fun starts at 10 AM PST.

Look for an announcement soon by Justin.tv to open up to all who want their very own 24/7 video channel. UStream already does this. More competitors are here, but due to brilliant PR stunts like the one this morning, Justin.tv seems to get all the attention.