FIA World Rally Championship Races to Mobile for First Time

iplay1.jpgMobile entertainment publisher I-play announced today that it has signed a deal with FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) to bring the license to mobile games for the first times. The game is set to launch in the fourth quarter of this year in North American, Europe and Asia Pacific. The World Rally Championship is the only mobile game to carry the official WRC Liense, and it will include virtual rallies through 16 different countries, with numerous terrain and weather conditions.

“The World Rally Championship is one of the most dynamic and challenging motorsports imaginable,” said Leighton Webb, SVP of Content Strategy & Licensing for I-play. “Mobile gamers will be able to experience the dangerous and gruelling nature of the racing sport under every weather condition possible as they aim to master the rally circuits to become the ultimate champion in this authentic mobile iteration of the World Rally Championship.”

Two versions of the game are in production, including a 2D version that is being developed by I-play’s internal team, and a 3D version by I-play’s developer partners at Firemint. Both versions will be realized across I-play’s network later this year.