Faraday Media Launches Particls Sidebar, Engagd

faradaymedia.pngFaraday Media will today launch a new sidebar based version of attention management tool Particls, as well as a new attention platform Engagd.

The Particls Sidebar provides a same attention feed based information as the Particls ticker; a personalized, streaming view of everything that matters to the user online in real-time, but in a sidebar.

The Particls sidebar is a welcome alternative to the previous product that is bound to find more fans, although those fans will be restricted to Windows rat this stage.

A TechCrunch themed sidebar can be downloaded here.

The new Engagd is billed as “the first ever standards based, open Attention Platform.”

Engagd is said to turn Lifestreams into APML by using APML to create ranked/filtered feeds. Engagd allows users to subscribe to filtered feeds in any standard feed reader to help with information overload.

Engagd though isn’t for the average user; the product is aimed squarely at Developers of apps, mashups and “savvy early adopters.”