Yo ho ho and a bottle of…fun??? Here are three great comments from the not so distant past.

Paul G gets the ball rolling with a little quip about an iPhone made of sand:

“He couldn’t get a real [girl], so this is the next best thing. Shortly after producing this work of art, an attractive woman in a bikini kicked him in the nuts.”

Use your words, attractive woman. We don’t kick nuts around here.

Cire smooths things out (pun intended — ha!) with a comment about shaved heads and small audio devices:

“I shave my head so this doesn’t have much appeal for me so I am going to wait for the under the armpit model. That way I can skip to the next song with just a flex of my pecs, since reaching up to push the button would make it look like I’m scratching myself…”

Cire, you old son of a sea cook! How’d you get to be such an awesome dude? Don’t let the Mr. Clean references get to you. I hear he hooks up with Mrs. Butterworth all the time while Mr. Butterworth is having his prostate examined (I need to go to bed).

Charbax leaves a little note that isn’t funny, per se, but makes me giddy with the potential of cautious optimism:

“I can already picture it in 2009, we will all be walking around with our $100 Laptops connected on Google’s 700mhz WiMax open access network, streaming HD movies in the park. The deployment will happen using the FON approach, which Google has invested in, everyone will get WiMax routers and broadcast a WiMAX signal onto the streets using their home Fiber broadband bandwidth connections.”

So basically Utopia, right? I guess that’d be okay.

Thanks for the great comments everyone. Keep ’em coming!