iPhone Security Flaw Allows Full Data And Phone Access

Have iPhone, be careful. According to a new New York Times article, a computer security firm has discovered a flaw in the iPhone that allows someone to take complete control of the phone via a website. Independent Security Evaluators has successfully breached the iPhone using malicious code on a webpage to take control of the data and phone features on device. The scary part is that the exploit requires no interaction from the user other than surfing to the infected page. Once there, no pop-ups, confirm screens, etc. are necessary for the code to be run.

ISE has submitted a detailed report to Apple so that it can fix the flaw immediately. Truth be told, by the end of this week, I bet you’ll find an iTunes update for the iPhone that patches the exploit. It should be too, considering that users can access and send any file from the phone according to the firm. Pictures of your girl leaked all over the ‘net? Not cool.

IPhone Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over, Security Firm Says [NYT]