Time To DeadPool TailRank? You Decide.

Three weeks ago we noted that blog news engine TailRank was looking like a ghost town: No new news was showing on the site, and people noted that the Technology section had been a blank for weeks. Founder Kevin Burton was outraged, said our post bordered on “complete journalistic incompetence,” demanded an “apology and a retraction” and promised big news within a week.

That week has come and gone, as have two additional ones. No news. And today the top story on TailRank is a viagra spam post. The second headline story is a porn spam post. Below that are real stories but they’re months old. This is from the site that was “designed with spam prevention in mind.”

There’s absolutely nothing in the technology section.

Should TailRank be added to the TechCrunch DeadPool or, as Burton commented on our last post, is it at “healthiest point we’ve EVER been as a company?” You decide below.

Should TailRank Be DeadPool’d?

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Started: July 22, 2007