RustyBudget: Multi-Author Blog Management

rustybudget.jpgRustyBudget is a new web based application that provides a people and story management tool for multi-author blogs.

RustyBudget is essentially “a writers or editors budget”, where a blog owner and blog writers can manage story leads, including author allocation, story notes and overall task management.

RustyBudget comes from RustyBrick, a company headed by Barry Schwartz. As well as being CEO of RustyBrick, Schwartz is also the owner of Search Engine Roundtable and a writer at Search Engine Land, both highly regarded and popular blogs within the SEO and search engine communities. Schwartz comes with impeccable credentials when it comes to dealing with multi-author blogs; this is a solution that has been created from experience as opposed to being a theoretic solution to a management problem by someone who really has no idea.

RustyBudget is an interesting take on author management. The application uses accounting terms and applies them to blog management, which could throw some people at first, but hands-on it’s easy to use and simply does exactly what it promised. This isn’t a top level, complicated or incredibly deep people management tool; if you’re looking for something that calculates wages or tracks time this isn’t for you, but for people managing multi-author blogs or websites that need a way of allocating and managing stories RustyBudget is well recommended.