GPS-enabled Rings for Tech Saavy Tourists


If you want to look like you know where you’re going, but you don’t want to deal with jocks making fun of your GPS-enabled street-walking device, you’ll soon be able to let a pair of ladylike purple rings be your guide. Let’s see jocks try to make fun of ladylike purple rings, ha!

A British ladylike person named Gail Knight has developed a system made of GPS-enabled vibrating rings, one worn on each finger, that gently nudges you in the right direction. If you’re supposed to turn right, the ring on your right hand buzzes. If you’re supposed to go left, ring on your left hand buzzes. If you’re going the wrong way, they both buzz.

Everything is controlled via a pager-sized device that you can wear around your neck or keep in your pocket. You enter a British postcode into the device (similar to a zip code, but more precise) and you’re on your way.

This could be a useful system in major cities around the U.S., although there would have to be a different way to find your destination since our zip codes can cover many, many square miles. Also, Americans wouldn’t go for purple. We’d need solid gold or diamonds or baby seal fur for our rings.

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