LAPTOP Magazine's Joost Beta Review

JoostLaptop Magazine has a good read about everyone’s favorite disruptor, Joost. The editors start out with a battle of the sexes-style argument and then move into the review itself. I agree with both of them, for the most part.

Joost is slick looking, I agree. Joost doesn’t have good enough programming to completely disrupt mainstream television, I agree. Live TV is overrated? Disagree. You’ve gotta have live TV for news, weather, and sports. That’s the biggest thing I see holding Joost back. Laguna Beach isn’t good programming? Agree, and I’ll throw in a “Laguna Beach is one of the worst shows in the history of American television. Same goes for The Hills.”

What I find most exciting about Joost is its potential for peripherals that hook directly into your TV. Coming from the same people that brought Skype into our lives, it’d be great to see them accessorize Joost similar to what they’ve done with Skype. After all, you can’t disrupt TV if you have to watch everything on your computer.

Joost: Battle of the Sexes [LAPTOP Magazine]