Zonbu Green PC Debuts Today: Cheap Not Cheap


The Zonbu PC makes its debut today and even though, once again, John hated on the idea, I like it. To a point. The Mac mini-sized PC ditches several conventions in order to bring its variable price down to as low as $99. It eschews a hard drive and instead comes with a 4GB flash drive. “Real” storage is all handled by Zonbu’s remote servers. You can buy anywhere from 25GB to 100GB of online storage in two-year blocks. Or, if subscriptions aren’t your thing, you can just buy the Zonbu PC outright for $250. Bottom line, it’s a cheap PC, but not a cheap PC.

Zonbu is also a green PC, drawing much less power than other PCs out there. (But I bet you can’t play Unreal Tournament on this, now can you?) It also runs Linux, which has nothing to do with being green, but 100 percent to do with being awesome.