Make Your Best Move

karpov.jpgChess is a game that is fairly easy to learn, can take a lifetime to truly master and really requires a lot of concentration during heated matches. But if you’re more about speed chess and quick games than the upcoming Advanced Karpov 3D Chess for mobile from Hudson Entertainment might be more your speed. This game will feature 3D graphics with multiple camera angles, along with a fully rendered chessboard. Players can even take part in local two-player matches for the true head-to-head experience.

“The original Karpov Chess title was a hit with gamers, thanks to its deep gameplay and advanced computer opponents,” said John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment. “With this latest version, players will discover an even deeper experience, making it a perfect mobile chess experience.”

Two CPU opponents can even be set to play against each other so you can watch, study and learn. And when you’re ready for a real challenge you can take on a variety of AI opponents. Check mate indeed!

Hudson Entertainment