The $500 Madden Ring

Yah dude, like, that ring could buy us so much Easy Mac

Hey brah! I just got back from the DeltSig house and we chugged three cans of Keystone before we played a Madden ’08 exhibition. Yah, wicked sweet, I know. But yo dude, did you hear about that shit? Yeah, that shit Electronic Arts is doing or whatevs. It’s like, if you’re super good at Madden like yours truly is, then you can buy, like, a real ring. Yah dude, I’m for real.

Mike was telling me about it. He says some company named Jostens who makes rings teamed up with EA and uh, they’re now offering rings or something. Yo, pass me that dude! My bad. Anyways, this ring, right? It costs like ::cough::, like $495 I think. Isn’t that redic dude? Like, just for a ring to show your good in a game. Kind of stupid, heh heh. Yo, I gotta jet brah. Lambda Chi is throwing a huge kegger and they said they’d hook me up with a cup if I got there early. Peace!

Stupid Ring For Stupid Madden Fans [Kotaku]