MobiCart Plug-In Enables Mobilization of Web Sites

golive.jpgWeb sites can now “mobilize” to be compatible with mobile handsets. This week GoLive! Mobile, a provider of mobile content delivery and billing solutions announced the launch of the MobiCart Web site plug-in. This can be used to enable traditional Web or WAP with the sale and distribution of mobile content. This turnkey solution plug-in allows content providers to enhance existing Web sites with mobile content downloads, including ring tones, videos and wallpapers. Advanced features including pin-code authentication, international delivery and even previewing of content.

“While mobile content downloads continue to explode in the U.S. and abroad, there are currently no solutions like MobiCart to mobile-enable any website in minutes,” commented Shannon Kessler, a sales director at GoLive! Mobile. “MobiCart turns what used to be a 5 hour process for content providers into a 5 minute process.”

MobiCart-enabled Web sites offer a pop-up box guide to ease the purchase process, while billing is done through Premium SMS, credit card or PayPal, and content is sent via SMS, WAP Push or MMS depending on the carrier and client preferences.

GoLive! Mobile