Discovers Videos You Like

mesmotvlogo.pngSocial video has exploded into a wide variety of sites letting anyone share their videos across the net, bringing with it a great deal of fragmentation. Video search engines and bookmarking sites are trying to help sew those pieces back together, letting users draw from video content from across the web. is social video bookmarking tool launching today that lets you tag videos you like and throw them into a personalized content stream and group channels. You can add videos and podcasts from social sites or individual TV network homepages by submitting links directly to the site, RSS, and using their bookmarklet. It’s like VodPod’s video bookmarking service, but with more of a focus on video discovery than sharing. Like VodPod, they also have a Facebook application. The application, however, comes preloaded with a database of TV shows drawn from the top network sites.

The key difference from VodPod is that Mesmo helps you discover new video content you like based on how you like the videos you’ve already seen. Each video you add or view on Mesmo can be voted up or down. Mesmo takes these preferences and matches you up with individual videos, channels, and users sharing similar tastes.

These social video bookmarking sites seem to be tapping into a need unmet by even the traditional bookmarking services like, which include videos as a category. VodPod and their four man team has accumulated over 52,000 registered users since launching last December.