coComment Version 2: Free Invites For TechCrunch Readers

A new version of coComment, the online conversation tracking platform is being prepared for launch.

The new version includes a stronger emphasis on community and groups, moving away from strictly being a blog conversation tracking tool to one that in centered on topics, in a not dissimilar way to Tangler.

coComment 2.0 expands its sharing capabilities, by providing the ability to join other people in conversations anywhere with just two clicks.

A sidebar browser allows users to navigate, link & discover, and get a complete view of all discussions as they surf the web. A comment anywhere feature allows users to leave comments on any web site via coComment, even if those sites do not allow commenting.

We have 100 free pre-launch passes for TechCrunch readers wanting to check out the new version of coComment. Simply login to the test platform as follows, then register your details.
Platform Username: betatester
Platform Password: cocommentv2

Swiss based coComment has come a long way from an initial product that tracked half a blog conversation (but not a full thread). The company now offers hosted commenting, plugins and various other tracking tools that provide an interesting product. The new release builds on that and is bound to put the company back on the radar for many in the blogging community who may not be using the product, or had previously tried it (like myself) and weren’t all that fussed.

The video below explains the new features in more detail. Previous TechCrunch coverage here.