Vodafone to Buy Verizon?

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vodafone1.jpgIs there going to be a merger of the big V’s? That is the rumor circulating the Web. As our sister site CrunchGear posted, Vodafone has expressed interested in Verizon Communications. The two companies are already partners, but a merger could be a truly massive mobile phone giant.

And as Vodafone’s 3G network is dominant in the U.K. and Verizon has their own “Most Reliable Network” in the United States, this could be a step closer to making international mobile calls affordable, reliable and just plain cool!

However, Vodafone has so far denied that any deal is in place. But we all know that denial is just the first step in any deal!

[Via Seeking Alpha]

  • http://twitter.com/nitin Nitin Borwankar

    Having less features not more is considered to be critical in crossing the chasm. Friendfeed appeals to early adopters, Twitter has crossed the chasm due to its simplicity and mass appeal. Twitter is the Blogger of micromessaging – and inspite of it’s lack of features Blogger is still not dead.

    So features == success is not a given.

  • A. Mous

    Mr. Gillmor, you seem to assume Twitter won’t simply turn the firehose off on Friendfeed one day in the near future.

    • http://www.doctype.cx andrew korf

      And alienate everyone who loves and uses both of their services? Were ev to make such a move, which he won’t … one would imagine many of the people who make twittter the important channel that it is.. would leave and go to open.

    • http://thomashawk.com Thomas Hawk

      If Twitter turned the firehouse off on FriendFeed there would be an incredibly passionate outcry against them for sure by some of their earliest and loudest supporters. When you start with an open API it’s hard to go back and close it after the fact. I seriously doubt you’d see that happen.

      It is a pickle for Twitter to be in though. Twitter is far ahead of FriendFeed in terms of users and especially with the adoption by a lot of celebrities recently is close to making the jump into the mainstream big time. But FriendFeed is a vastly superior platform — a super stable platform built by some very smart people that gets better and better every day.

      The recent tool to import your Twitter friends into FriendFeed was significant.

      For people who are not on FriendFeed yet, I wrote a blog post yesterday titled 10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed Here: http://thomashawk.com/2009/01/10-reasons-why-you-should-sign-up-for-friendfeed.html

  • http://www.doctype.cx andrew korf

    Great post – cuts the bullshit on the important questions around this rapidly evolving medium. Thanks Steve.

  • http://www.thebrandonshow.com Brandon J. Mendelson

    This is a fascinating analysis, but the whole time I’m reading I’m thinking “Yes, but …” because:

    1) The average web user is either unaware of FriendFeed or dislikes it.

    2) The people on FriendFeed, at least from what I’m seeing, are generally unhappy that they seem to be talking to themselves as opposed to the usual suspects dominating the conversation.

    I know, in a year, we will all be about FriendFeed, but for every Twitter there is a Jaiku, so I don’t think it’s time to assume FriendFeed will be the next king.

    Besides, all glory is fleeting with social media platforms.

  • http://staynalive.com Jesse Stay

    Great post, Steve! It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. If Twitter stops us from doing what we want to do, we’re going to have to transition those services elsewhere. It seems they’re starting to work with us, but it’s still not enough.

  • http://scripting.com Dave Winer

    A Mous nails it. FF doesn’t dare challenge Twitter directly now — if they do they might find their firehose slows down or develops gltches it didn’t used to have. They should have done it a year ago, now it’s too late. It’s all about the users, Twitter has em, FF needs Twitter much much more than vice versa.

    • http://microping.me Darren

      If this is the case then FF could simply switch to GNIP.

      As someone who actively develops using these apis I think the 20k limit is just the beginning of a business model for premium access for developers.

      I have been long working on a new version of crowdstatus (a way of creating groups around twitter users) and these rate limits have basically killed the new version.The new version of my app follows lots of users via gnip and it tells me when they are updated then I go and get the data from twitter. As some users post a lot 20k could be used up by just following 2000 users.

      People who are saying this limit is nothing do not understand how the api works and how quickly apps need to be able to scale in the twitter world.

      It does not affect client apps like tweetdeck etc because these apps are using the users rate count.

      just wanted to comment on this paragraph too

      The services affected by the new rate limits identify spam and marketing bots and attempt to prune them while autofollowing “real” friends. Unfortunately, these services need to ping the Twitter API thousands of times to determine who is “real”, and according to some developers Twitter is unwilling to improve its APIs to make such verbose approaches unnecessary. It could very well be that Twitter doesn’t want third parties to leverage its platform for services it would like to charge for themselves, but whatever the rationale, the net result is an impasse.

      No its not just services like this, I think you will find life streaming and filtering apps like crowdstatus will hit twitter a lot.

      These sort of services that figure out if someone is real should not be hitting twitter to much to figure out if someone is a real person and not a bot, 1 they should have their own records that tell em which users are bots and 2, looking at the followers number vs the following number is a good measurement. Also its a type of activity twitter is getting much better at. They are removing these bots from twitter by looking at their activities.

      wow that was a long comment that no one will ever read :p

  • http://my1pna.ning.com Clarence Crown Prince of Web 2.0

    I could follow most of the article, but towards the end it left my head spinning. “Now micromessaging offers users a more elastic construct to model digital relationships across decomposing corporate silos and virtual communities” very flowery words, but I’m not sure that it’s an accurate description.

  • http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki Bill Seitz

    I think FF should try and get SixApart/Pounce and Google/Jaiku and identi.ca to hash out a common base API, whether it’s OpenMicroBlogging or something else. While competing on some other dimension.

    • http://sankt-georg.info/ Markus Merz | Hamburg St. Georg

      As far as I know @evan from identi.ca/Laconica is already approaching the FF team to consolidate the API server wise via OMB.

  • http://blog.smartalyx.com Alyx (smartalyx)

    Good points on API wars, Steve {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/BOQwPD8VCT_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”Good points on API wars, Steve “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/HTKApPzg8D”}}}

  • http://jeroendemiranda.wordpress.com Jeroen de Miranda

    FriendFeed is a great aggregator.

    I have used it also to aggregate twitter users; creating Twitter groups with FriendFeed. The aggregated tweets of this group can be embedded in another blog.


    presentation showing how to group twitterers into a FF group:

    presentation showing how to embed this group into your blog:

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  • nemrut

    ‘FriendFeed has reached the point where it is in the driver’s seat of social media’

    man…i’ll have whatever it is you’re smoking. Most folks have barely heard of Twitter let alone Friendfeed. There is no way FF is going to achieve mass adoption in its current incarnation–way too complicated. When Robert Scoble, the unofficial FF evangelist, has to write a blog post longer than 500 words w/more than 20 bullet points explaining how to use FF, that doesnt speak well for the user experience.

    Now granted, FF’s first yr of growth is greater than Twitter’s was, but that simply means FF was able to leverage Twitter’s user base to gain traction.

    Lastly, I hate to say it but your writing reads like turgid prose. Clear, simple sentences are more effective in conveying you thoughts.

  • http://www.manyniches.com Brandon Watson

    The point above about more users being the gating factor FTW is an important once. If Robert Scoble left Twitter completely, would Shaq care? Britney? Lance Armstrong? Those people are all on Twitter. Even our President. Users matter, both in numbers, and in reach.

    Twitter is in the driver’s seat; that’s my assertion anyway. Check out this analysis of usage patterns of FF and Twitter based on data collected via the API:


  • http://sebastiankeil.wordpress.com/2009/01/24/everybody-is-innovating-on-the-twitter-experience-but-twitter/ Everybody is innovating on the Twitter experience but Twitter « sebastiankeil.de

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  • http://safespacelab.com emf testing

    Nice. I keep asking myself, how long will I keep putting up with this. It’s my data, even if I am unimportant in Twitter’s grand scheme of things.

  • http://www.appspatrol.com iPhone Apps Review

    FriendFeed won’t grow in popularity until Twitter becomes passe – that is, not until the Twitter-haters give up and join up. Then the Twitter originators will move on.

  • http://www.insegment.com Boston SEO

    Tech Crunch is waaay disproportionately obsessed with FriendFeed. It’s not that relevant. Maybe it will be someday, but 99% of people have no idea it exists.

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