Trikke – Three Wheels of Fury

Now that you’re well into your 30s and feeling like an old fart, it’s time to reinvigorate yourself with something new. If you enjoyed rollerblading, cycling, or straight up tom foolery as a teenager, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Trikke. It’s a device with three wheels that works by leaning side-to-side and driving in an “S-style” motion. Like rollerblading on a three-wheeled scooter I’d imagine.

Aside from being able to cruise around at about 8 MPH, you also get a hell of a good workout. All that twisting and steering requires about 350 calories per half hour of use. Not to mention that it works out over 20 to 30 muscles in your body as well. Take some No-Xplode and you’ll be looking like Stallone in no time. A few different models are available and range in price from $370 up to $500.

Trikke [Cool Tools]

Note: John really looks like this