T-Mobile Riders Out of the Tour

From Eurosport comes a bit of mobile-related news. It has been a sad day for the T-Mobile sponsored pro-cycling team. German Patnik Sinkewitz has pulled out of the Tour de France after a collision with a spectator. The grueling month long race, which began in London just over a week ago before heading to France, has few barriers to keep fans away, but ironically this accident occurred after Sinkewitz had crossed the finish line. As of today Sinkewitz is still in the hospital following a high-speed collision with a spectator while on the way to his hotel. The spectator, who is in serious condition, has been flown to a hospital in Grenoble for treatment.

In fact T-Mobile has now lost three of six riders in one day; in addition to Sinkewitz British sprinter Mark Cavendish (who had been plagued with problems in last Sunday’s opening stage from London to Cantebury), as well as Australian team-leader Michael Rogers have withdrawn from the race. As one of the biggest teams in the highest profile professional cycling race, T-Mobile’s presence has sadly diminished this year.

After a day of rest today the Tour resumes from Val d’Isere tomorrow.

[Via Eurosport]