Revlayer Launches Dead Simple Video Advertising Product

Update: Revlayer was previously known as Prerollr

Revlayer a new product that gives bloggers and other content site owners the ability to monetize embedded videos, launched today. The product focuses on creating revenue for the sites actually embedding video, as opposed to the creator of the video content or the service (Youtube, Veoh, etc.) hosting it.

This is a space we’ve covered extensively. See our recent overview of video advertising solutions, as well as coverage of Kiptronic and Adbrite.

Most of those solutions, however, focus on revenue for the content creator as well as (sometimes) the sites showing the embedded content. Revlayer is only focused on the end point site showing content to users.

Advertisements aren’t video – rather they are normal display ads shown over the video player itself, and viewers must click on it to see the underlying video. See a demo here (it should work on all browsers except Firefox with Macs, which is coming soon).

Publishers can choose to show ads sold by Revlayer directly and take a revenue split, or promote their own content or ads. If a publisher shows their own content, Revlayer will take 25% of the inventory to show their own ads and generate revenue.

Integration is dead simple. Once a publisher has created an account they simply add a bit of code to the header file of the site, and ads will then be shown over all supported embedded videos. Most popular services are supported.

Revlayer was co-founded by Allen Stern (CenterNetworks), Felix Shinir and Sam Falah.