Billeo Bar for Paying Your Bills Online

billeologo.pngPaying your bills online has grown in popularity. It cuts out the delays and frustrations of mail and about three quarters of US households are doing it.

Billeo is officially releasing to their bill pay toolbar to make managing these payments and even online shopping a little easier. The toolbar (IE, Firefox) stores your payment credentials, payment receipts, and reminds you when bills are coming due through an alert flag and email. A lot of payment services offer easy recurring payments by credit card, so it may not be for everyone.

With the toolbar, you bookmark your bills as you surf the internet, specifying how often Billeo needs to remind you to pay. Whenever you come to a payment page, Billeo recognizes when you are on one of their 6,000 payment points and offers to fill out the form. It works for bill pay and shopping sites alike. When you get to the confirmation screen, you can save the receipt. Billeo will cache it as an image on their servers. Your Billeo account will also register the payment so you can look at your billing trends over the months and see how you compare with the average spent by everyone on the service.

Billeo’s toolbar seems to be in a good position to solve at least part of the personal finance problem, monitoring your payments online. Billeo can easily track all of your online payments, whereas services like Billmonk and Buxfer need to have the info imported. The major drawbacks for the service are the need of a toolbar to use the system at all, as well as the failure of previous form filling programs like Microsoft Passport.