Old Swedish Lady Gets World's Fastest Internet Connection

SwedenAlthough likely 39.99999 Gigabits more than she actually needs, Sigbritt Löthberg now has a 40 Gbps internet connection. She’s never owned a computer until now but she did give birth to some famous Swedish internet guy.

How fast is the connection? She can download a full high definition DVD in two seconds. That would take many, many, many seconds (minutes or hours, even) over your typical broadband connection. And get this – her house is over 1200 miles away from the connection’s original source.

According to the technology’s creators, the distance is theoretically unlimited. The data is pumped over fiberoptic lines using a “new modulation technique” and apparently wasn’t all that expensive to deploy.

If it can truly go an unlimited distance from the source without experiencing any loss of transmission speed, might we one day get our internet access from Sweden? I’d sure as hell go for it.

First beautiful women, then Ikea, and now this? Sweden, you’re spoiling us!

Sigbritt, 75, has world’s fastest broadband [The Local – Sweden’s News in English]