New Rubik's Cube Tinier and Easier than Nicole Ritchie


When I was a kid, we didn’t have a lot of money. As a consequence of this, when there was a highly popular ’80s toy I wanted, I would get the cheap discount store knock off. I have fond memories of my Megatorn and Optimas Prame action figures, not to mention Ha-Men and Skullater.

I also had the not-quite-Rubik’s cubes. My favorite was a pyramid that wasn’t so much a puzzle as a conversation starter, and it was a conversation I never wanted to have. I’m sure that if these micro-sized 2×2 cubes existed then, I could have one. Sadly, I don’t really see any purpose to these easily-solved tiny things short of nostalgia. But sometimes that’s enough, eh?

Tiny Rubik’s Cube Cellphone Charms! [Product Page, via Tokyo Mango]