CrunchDeal: Sprint Employee Referral Plan Open to All

Sprint SERO

Those of you who are looking to ditch your current wireless provider would be hard pressed to find a better deal around than the Sprint Employee Referral Offer (SERO). The basic gist of the program is that if you’re a friend or family member of a Sprint employee, you can get a big fat discount on a new phone and line of service. All you need is the e-mail address of a Sprint employee and you’re good to go.

That’s where it gets a little tricky. Luckily, I’ve got an e-mail address for you. Feel free to use it till your pants are filled with discount cellphones. The address is and I have no idea how long it will work.

If it does work for you, you’ll get to choose from three plans. You can get 500 minutes for $30, 1250 for $49.99, or 2500 for $99.99 per month. Each plan also includes the following:

– Unlimited Sprint Vision or Power Vision (normally starts at $15/month)
– Unlimited Mobile to Mobile
– Unlimited Sprint Picture Mail
– Unlimited Roaming
– Unlimited Text (offer is supposedly ending on or around July 15th)
– Unlimited Nights & Weekends
– Nationwide Long Distance
– Voice Mail
– Caller ID
– Call Waiting
– Numeric Paging
– Three-Way Calling

Phones are dirt cheap, too. Sprint’s got the Motorola Q for $99.99, the Blackberry 8830 for $199.99, and the HTC Mogul for $288.99, to name a few. You can also get a wireless card and unlimited EVDO data for $49.99/month if that tickles your fancy.

You either have to be a new Sprint customer or an existing out-of-contract customer. You can’t switch your existing Sprint account over to the SERO plan, unfortunately. That being said, you might be able to save enough to justify the $200 cancellation fee. Enjoy!

Sprint Employee Referral Offer (use as the e-mail address)