Nerds Rejoice: DC Comics Wants You

zudalogo.pngJust in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, DC is starting up a new comic website, Zuda Comics, to search for and buy the greatest web comics. Artists are able to submit up to an eight panel comic to be judged by DC’s band of editors. It’s similar to the comic creator community DrunkDuck, but is higher profile, and pays its users.

The editorial panel will consist of Ron Perazza, DC Comics Director of Creative Services and Kwanza Johnson, DC Comics Online Editor, and overseen by DC Comics SVP-Creative Director, Richard Bruning.

Every month, starting when they launch in October, Zuda’s editors will select 10 entries for the community to vote on. Each monthly winner will be awarded a one-year contract (52 issues) to produce their comic. Editors also have the option of selecting 6 instant winners each year. The winner’s contract will also include an upfront fee and any royalties from a possible print edition.

There are a lot of great web comics out there already making a tidy profit off of traffic and swag, like PennyArcade and the venerable Dilbert. Zuda’s offering a way to skirt the normal hustle that goes into building a brand by giving exposure to a select group of artists.

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