Belkin Now Shipping Draft-N ExpressCard

Though 802.11n isn’t the standard wireless protocol, more and more manufacturers of wireless products are hopping on the draft-N bandwagon every day. Belkin enters the fray with a new ExpressCard 34 offering. The N1 Draft-N ExpressCard allows for a user to connect to the Internet at speeds up to 300mbps, provided they’re using an 802.11n router as well.

You won’t have a long distance runaround with the N1 either. Belkin says it features top-notch reception, so you’re always connected. Too bad adapting to technology early doesn’t come cheap. The N1 ExpressCard will set you back about $140, quite a lot to pay for a card you won’t even be able to take full advantage of for about another year.

Belkin Ships Draft-N ExpressCard [BIOS]