TUN3R: Internet Radio Search With A Dose Of Web 2.0

yun3r.jpgTUN3R.com is an internet radio search engine targeted at “the Web 2.0 generation.”

TUN3R departs from traditional radio portals by greeting users with “The Dial”: a grid containing top-rated internet radio stations. By simply dragging the needle around The Dial, listeners can hear audio samples streamed from stations, as well as browse through an abridged version of the broadcaster’s recent playlist.

Users can search stations’ playlists for artists and songs they are interested in hearing, with results appearing on “The Dial.”

The index includes 1,400 stations covering over 40 languages and 25 different musical genres. TUN3R earns revenue by providing value added services to stations shown on its Dial including custom color Dial graphics for improved visibility, more frequent playlist sampling and real-time audio sampling.

Interface wise it feels a little like a $1 pixel advertising page mated with an AM radio, and yet there is definitely something cool with the layout and idea. The database is extensive and the ability to view playlists as well as sample audio refines the internet radio search experience. Definitely a site that’s worth visiting if you’re searching for an online radio station.