Mosh, Yahoo's New Social Network Initiative

Here’s a juicy tip – we’ve been hearing about a new Yahoo social network initiative called Mosh, which is at but can only be accessed from inside the Yahoo offices. If you happen to be using the guest wifi at Yahoo, you should be able to access the site, although this may be shut down soon.

It’s likely this would replace Yahoo’s 360 social network service, which has never really gotten traction. The existence of Yahoo Mosh also most likely puts a bullet in any further speculation that they are in acquisition talks with Bebo, a somewhat unsubstantiated rumor from May. Last year Yahoo made a serious effort at acquiring Facebook but the deal was never closed.

Yahoo isn’t acknowledging that the product exists and generally won’t comment at all on this kind of thing. If anyone has a screen shot or more information, please email me confidentially.

Update 7/9/01 12:30 PM:
Screen shot of Mosh is here. Plus it looks like Nokia has their own Mosh Project too.

Update 7/8/07 9:40 PM: First email tip in, a job description for a summer intern for what looks like this project. cut/paste below. I like that the minimum job qualifications include “You’ve got lots and lots of friends on Facebook, Myspace, etc.” and “You are damn funny.”

Hi [deleted],

I got your contact info from [deleted].

Our team is working on this new cool social network product and we are
looking for 2 interns for the summer. The perfect candidate shall be
very active on myspace and facebook, love social networks and be ready
to have a lot of fun during this internship!

Can you let me know if you’d be interested in this position and also
forward to your friends at [deleted]?



Position/Project Description:

About Yahoo!
The Internet is a big, busy place, and we at Yahoo! are proud to stand
out in the crowd. As the world’s number one Internet brand, servicing
over a half billion people, we’re determined to maintain our
commitment to delivering news, entertainment, information and fun…
each and every day.

In order to maintain our position as one of the world’s most
trafficked Internet destinations, we’re always on the lookout for
people with big ideas and big talent to help us provide our visitors
with the innovative products and services they’ve come to expect from
Yahoo!. We’re looking for people like you.

How Big Can You Think?

Project overview and job responsibilities:
– Develop go-to-market tactics for new social communication service
for young adults
– Evangelize the product among your peers in the Yahoo intern class,
including setting up brown-bag sessions, parties, etc.
– Gather and analyze product feedback during “alpha” (pre-launch) period
– Assist with prioritizing product changes during pre-launch period
– Assist with copy-writing and copy-editing
– Assist with creating & executing guerilla marketing campaigns (e.g.
on campus, in cities, etc.)
– Assist with product blog set-up

Minimum job qualifications:
– The successful candidate for this role is a current student with an
active social life.
– You often find yourself organizing nights out with your friends
– You’re comfortable being the center of attention, or working behind
the scenes to make an event go off
– You may have organized and/or promoted parties, clubs, or concerts
– You’ve got lots and lots of friends on Facebook, Myspace, etc.
– After graduation, you see yourself getting into marketing, advertising, or PR
– Your enthusiasm is infectious
– You are damn funny
– You are a stickler for details
– You communicate well in conversation and in writing
– You are resourceful/scrappy
– You are creative

Preferable job qualifications:
– see above