Dave Winer's TwitterGram

Dave Winer likes to throw web services and his own software in a blender and see what comes out, and his new TwitterGram project is a perfect example. In this case, he’s married the Twitter API to his own service that allows people to upload short audio messages to their Twitter accounts. He’s then taken the next step of allowing people to phone in their messages via BlogTalkRadio. The result is a super easy way to post audio messages to your Twitter account via a phone.

Like most of Dave’s projects, there’s no obvious business purpose to the service, and he seems to be creating something new and useful for the sole purpose of keeping his mind busy. Not all of his projects take off, but they are always interesting and fun to explore.

And don’t mis-underestimate him, either. He’s made plenty of money along the way while helping the Internet ecosystem. I wonder what he’ll blend up next.