New Camera Lenses Capture Every Nook and Cranny


Once summer’s over and you have to return to the harsh realities of work, family, and prayer, how are you going to keep in touch with your distant loved-ones and secret/imaginary girlfriends? Sure, you could call them on the phone or maybe fax them a funny doodle, but why not show them how messy your room is from every imaginable angle?

Olympus has just unveiled a new lens that captures 360-degree photos and videos by using a tricky prism and a special bulbous lens to capture images to a CCD sensor. The lenses are being touted as great solutions for security systems and will undoubtedly find their way onto every single reality TV show that features a bunch of mouth-breathers living in a house together.

Still in prototype, no word on production or availability yet.

Olympus demos 360-degree cameras, projectors [Electronista]