Blackberry OS and WinMo 6 Go Toe-To-Toe


The folks at LAPTOP Mag must be really bored because they’ve put forth some effort for a Friday. As the picture implies, the winner is very clear and WinMo still bites it hard no matter what version it is. Multimedia is the only area which I will concede that WinMo is better than the Blackberry OS, but that’s all based on carrier. So it’s a moot point IMO. WinMo 6 may have an edge as far as attachment support goes, but who really cares. Most users will have a laptop on hand or nearby if it’s super urgent. Each OS caters to different parties, so it all depends on what you want to do with your ‘smartphone.’ I’m done, enjoy your weekend, folks.

BlackBerry vs. Windows Mobile 6 [Laptop Mag]