Ridiculous Amount Of Cash Paid For iPhone Bag

Just because the iPhone is officially out does not mean that the excitement that comes with it will ever come to a grinding halt. With a bulky gadget like the iPhone though, I don’t think people are getting excited over having their tight jeans’ pockets overflowing with phoney goodness. If only there were a bag or something to keep your iPhone in…

Aha! The magic of eBay has performed its wonders yet again. This handmade iPhone bag sold for more than $300 to some lucky bidder who wanted their iPhone in a custom designed bag. I’m pretty sure you can go to any upscale mall, find a Gucci or any upscale clothier and request a small bag from them. It’ll most likely look the same and feel the same. Just print out a picture of an iPhone, slap it on there and you’re good to go.

How Much Would You Pay for an iPhone…Bag? [Blog You Like A Hurricane]