iPhone vs. Treo: Bum-fight!

Palm’s Multi-touch Interface: Place Hand On Keyboard, Press
PalmInfoCenter (new motto: “Hey, Guys, Over Here, Treos. Who Wants a Treo? Guys?”) ran a detailed review comparing the Treo to the iPhone. As we all expected, the Treo came out ahead in almost all categories except “Ability to get you laid.”

Essentially, the reviewer pointed out that the Treo is a fairly open platform, has a keyboard, and is cheap. Fair enough. However, does the Treo have the power of a million fanboys? Can it call dead relatives? Is it slightly fragile? Didn’t think so, smarties.

I actually agree with PIC. The Treo is a superior smartphone. Can Apple do better? Sure they can. Will they in some sort of sane upgrade path? Potentially. Is the iPhone still hotter than the sun? Yawp. Sorry, Treo.

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