Google Makes FeedBurner Services Free

FeedBurner has ceased charging for two premium features following their acquisition by Google in May.

FeedBurner Stats PRO, a service that provides detailed statistics including subscriber numbers, item clickthrough tracking, podcast downloads and aggregate item uses amongst other features, becomes free.

FeedBurner MyBrand, a service that allows users to control the URL of feeds is now free as well; a move that will be strongly welcomed. For many, the biggest argument against using Feedburner was the need to give up control of your feed URL (for example, Being able to keep ownership of a feed complete with site branding will drive new many new users to Feedburner, including yours truly.

FeedBurner PRO and MyBrand accounts will not be billed effective from June. Although the services are now free, Feedburner users are required to “upgrade” to them from within the Feedburner control panel.

(via SEL)