AT&T Buys Dobson Communications

During the extravaganzafest known as the iPhone launch, we somehow overlooked this AT&T purchase. Seems AT&T is hell-bent on becoming an absolute telecom behemoth. Now with the purchase of Dobson, which cost a whopping $5.1 billion, AT&T has now scooped up all of Cellular One’s customers. Seems the number of GSM options for consumers is quickly shrinking.

To be honest though, I wasn’t even aware Cellular One was still around. They used to have stores around here but when Cingular merged with AT&T, it disappeared quicker than an unguarded iPhone at a Starbucks. No details on when the buyout will be complete or if the FTC will step in at any point.

AT&T Buys Dobson Communications [Phone Scoop]