Jajah Targets iPhone Users with Application

jajahlogo.pngThere’s a growing list of companies lining up to port their application to the iPhone’s Safari browser. Jajah is the first to bring their VOIP client to the new iPhone.

jajaiphonesmall.pngiPhone’s standard contract isn’t cheap ($60 – $100/month). If you want to make international calls, you’d have to pay an extra $3.99/month and around 23 cents a minute for a call to the UK. However, Jajah is the first of the VOIP carriers to tailor their site for iPhone users, letting them make the same call to the UK for just 3 cents a minute. Since Jajah makes long distance calls cheaper by bridging two local calls with a VOIP line, you still have to spend some of your plans minutes on the phone call. The program is available to iPhone users through freeyouriphone.

There are quite a few other companies launching applications for iPhone’s browser such as iZoho. However, since the iPhones keypad only pops up for web forms, you can’s use your keyboard to edit documents on iZoho.