HD DVD Makes Big Moves


Toshiba is certainly making big moves to ensure that the next-gen DVD war is far from over. I’ve been curious about the built-in internet connections on HD DVD players and now the answer is so clear. Freedom– a Japanese animated feature – was released early last week and a few hidden gems allowed consumers to download a HD trailer for another movie, alter menu styles and download additional subtitles. That’s all well and good, but the full capabilities of the new features will become very apparent when 300 is released at the end of this month. The HD DVD version of 300 will allow users to re-edit the movie as they see fit and upload it onto a Warner Bros. server. The newly edited version will be accessible to other users, who can download it to their players and see the movie the way you feel it should have been released. I can’t even begin to imagine all the hilariously crazy versions of 300 to come out. I hope for your sake, Toshiba, that this works. I’m officially interested in the format wars.

HD DVD fights back with new features [Yahoo! News]