AT&T Hangs Up on Business Customers

Reader Jaci writes:

I have eagerly awaited the release of the iphone. Read every article, watched the tv spots…waited with great anticipation for the new gadget that was going to be the most revolutionary product ever. As a loyal PC user for years, it is only through the ipod that I have come to accept Apple products in my life. I made sure to be on of the first people buying an iphone yesterday. Thought that it was odd that the AT&T clerk told me there would be a 10% restocking fee – why would I ever want to return it?

Now I know why. The way that AT&T has classified my account makes it not compatible with the iphone. WHAT?!

Anyone with an account that AT&T calls a business account can’t activate an iphone. After hours of talking to call centers last night and this morning, it is unanimous. Unless my phone number is an “IRU attached to an FAN” it won’t work. Okay, fine. I don’t even know what that means but I really want this almost $700 phone to work so just change my account. Nope, according to the 14 different AT&T people that I spoke with, only one office that is only open Monday – Friday can make this change to a business account.

Then why would AT&T wait until after the office is closed to even start selling the phones. I am shocked that AT&T won’t activate any iphone user that has a business account. A supervisor told me that it is my fault for buying it because I should have known that the iphone was only for individual users. I have been through every article and promotional literature I can find and NO WHERE does AT&T provide that information before the buyer gets home to activate it.

I think that Apple has made an incredible product and I can’t believe that AT&T won’t let most of us turn it on.

Has anyone else see this? Is this a widespread problem and how did you solve it?