T-Mobile Getting Wi-Fi Curve In September

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I’ve been lusting over the new Blackberrys and the 8320 (aka “Curve 2”) might be the one for me. After my brief stint with a Sony Mylo I’ve become enamored with anything that has Wi-Fi capability. I like to surf the net from my phone because it allows me to alienate myself from everyone else and EDGE bites it, so Wi-Fi is a must for me. Come September, T-Mobile will be getting their very own Curve and it’s Wi-Fitastic. A few more specs after the jump.

8320 specs:
# 3.2 megapixel camera (or better)
# Flash improvement and 6x digital zoom
# 3.5 mm Headset Jack
# External microSD slot
# Wi-Fi capable
# 64MB of memory
# Streaming media support
# 4.5 hours of talk time/17 days of standby
# Stereo Bluetooth
# Windows Media DRM & MTP
# Black or semi Black to be available at later date.
# Top and rear loudspeaker
# Motion Lock
# High speed USB
# Improved build quality

T-Mobile 8320 Sept 07! Wi-Fi Confirmed! [Pinstack]

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