CrunchGear's iPhone Coverage Starts Today (Duh)

bought.jpgGentle reader, I know you’ve been patient. You can’t wait to see our take on the iPhone (you’ve heard of it, right?), and you’ll get it. In short order, Yours Truly will be live blogging from my favorite local AT&T store with pics and video. In addition, we’ll be reviewing our little friend some tonight, with a glut of information tomorrow. While today is launch day, we’re more about celebrating the insanity. Tomorrow, you get the goods.

I know, I know, reading a blog on a Saturday. Well, we don’t get ours till then, nothing we can do about that. But look for coverage the likes of which you won’t get at those other two blogs, because at CrunchGear, you’ve got me, and I’m awesome. Just so’s you know.