Bloggers, CEOs And Everyone Else Camping Out for the iPhone

As iPhone anticipation reaches a fever pitch, we are getting flooded with reports of people lining up to nab their own wonder phone. A quick trip down to the valley’s Apple store in Palo Alto shows the fervor taking over the valley.

CrunchGear even caught blogger Robert Scoble, second in line only to his son, looking to trade in his $750 N95 3G 5MP camera phone for the $600 2MP camera edge-only iPhone. He was joined by Zoomr CEO Thomas Hawk and founder Kristopher Tate, who were running crowd control by handing out numbered tags. They were later joined from Diggnation’s Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, who were also covering the controlled chaos.

You can see live coverage of the iLines on Ustream and They’ll all be waiting in line until the iPhone goes on sale today, June 29, at 6:00 p.m.

Here are some photos:

Image credit, Gabe Rivera of Techmeme